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AIM Dec 22, 2020

Top 7 Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

The best way to grow a business is to make the right decisions and work toward it. The right decision includes more than planning and executes it includes hiring employees with the vision to grow and learn.

The new age hiring process is more complicated than reviewing resumes and conducting a bunch of interviews with people having relevant skills or educational qualifications. So here we are compiling the pro list of 7 things that will gear up your entire hiring process from nothing to everything!


●       Skills Over Qualification :

The hiring approach of the 21st century is beyond the educational qualification, It helps you to build a dynamic team. Where employees can do more things they are good at and provide a valuable contribution to the company. When you started prioritizing the work ethics, and teamwork of a person first and their technical knowledge and experience later is quite an optimistic decision for your business.

this will surely become a great contribution to the future of the company and the relevant industry.

●       Use Social Media:

The obvious thing is really not that obvious here! Even if it’s like starting from scratch, Just use it to its fullest and get the best results possible within a certain time limit of 1 or 2 weeks!

Make a list that includes the following

  1. A well-detailed job description
  2. Send the Post to various social media groups, like job searches on LinkedIn or Facebook Job sections.
  3. Add an email or form link so people can directly apply with their resume contact details such as phone number and email address.

Utilizing your social media presence for this purpose, and engaging in similar activities will help you to gain better visibility as well!

Some of the leading platforms for creating job alters are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and the best part they would going to cost you much for promoting as well!

●       Using Internal Network:

While working with various professionals you can ask them if they know someone with the required skillset or someone relevant who can be a good fit for the job role. It usually turns out good for both sides additionally this step built a healthy amount of trust between teammates and provide a strong sense of reliability and valuing of suggestions. You can simply add this point at the end of a discussion and ask your employee’s opinion on this and their contribution. Rather than asking a particular individual to provide it.

●       Eradicate Extra Interview steps With Smart Technology:

Adding some assessment tests links right after the submission of the job application will help you to get the quality over quantity, the most genuine and skilled professionals will qualify for the test and leave room for only the deserving candidates.

You can use LinkedIn assessments and google MCQ tests or other portals that can help you with the task.

●     Be More Selective About Hiring The Candidates:

After you have done with every possible way to gain the attention of potential job seekers with the use of the internet and other internal links, the main task arrives where you have to evaluate the selected candidates, filter them accordingly, and then select the perfect fit for the job. The powerful decision need clarity of vision, you’re not just selecting a person to do a certain job, you’re selecting a vision a personality, and an asset for the future of your business so choose wisely!

You can do the following things to be more assured about your decision of hiring:

●       Telephonic interview: By conducting a telephonic interview via the aspirant you can understand the behavior of the person better. Apart from technical skills Ask directly about their likes, hobbies, and way of thinking about work and life.

●       Live 1:1 session: after the telephonic round an invitation to join a video call will not only keep things on track, but it will surely be going to save you lots of time! Conduct a live test or do a mini job-related query or assign a task to them. Know their reaction and problem-solving skills too.


●     Add A Detailed Job Description To Find The Perfect Fit

It’s a great way to approach the potential job seekers only, by addressing all the requirements in detail regarding job role, responsibilities, and tasks and educational qualification, experience required, and pay scale along with other details will help you to make a clear and more subtle decision in hiring and choosing the perfect fit for the job role. You can add the same on Linked In, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter(via links attached).

●       Get The Expert Assistance:

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