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AIM Mar 21, 2021

4 challenges facing recruiters in 2021 and how to overcome them?

The HR trends are at a constant variation stage. There are no such things as a manual for what will work for you or not. You have to figure it out by yourself.

The new generation of recruiters has to set the spectrum as per the changing scenario and trends in the hiring processes.

So let’s start our list of the top 4 challenges 2021 recruiters have to deal with! 

Bonus: We got the solutions too!

●       Ethical Leadership For HR                                 

Every year is a fresh start and the trends play an important role in this. The topper of the list is ethical leadership for HR. Being responsible is one of the top quality, an organization looks up to in HR. An HR should be able to take responsibility if anything goes wrong in the organization. The reasons can vary from toxic workplaces, the diversity impact, or any other. These are some of the situations where HR must come up and take the charge in their hands. Being responsible and trying to change the conditions is what shapes HR as an ethical leader of the organization.

●       Resilient Personality:

It’s something every organization looks up to while searching for HR. Being resilient doesn’t just mean overcoming any type of situation quickly. But to come out as an antifragile personality. It’s basically the concept of bouncing back stronger. How can a person deal with stressful situations and comes out stronger? Which is more than resilience. It’s level up! It’s too rare, and organizations are willing to hire people like this for better growth.

●       Deal With Empathy

The pandemic is stressful for everyone, whether it's homesickness or stress at home. Everyone struggles in their ways. This situation considerably highlights the emerging need for mental health awareness. So to deal with that situation you need to be more concerned about the employees. It's kind of obvious an HR doesn't know about the background scenario.

Being an HR you have to understand what are those problems a candidate is struggling with. Many candidates get anxious and break down during the interview. To keep things in control the solution is simple. Be kind and show empathy genuinely. It will help to create a straight human bond, which is the need of the hour.

●       Skill Mapping

It’s an evergreen trend. While companies are more concerned about hiring a long-term asset. As it will support the growth in the long run. Skill mapping refers to hiring adjacent skill people. It’s more about skills and less about the job. So you select a candidate more for what skill sets he/she posses. Some skills are scarce and it’s rare to find those gems, it’s when skill mapping helps. You can hire for skills and then train for the job.

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