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AIM Jan 11, 2021

Ways to promote jobs on your LinkedIn Company Page

The competitive world needs better talent with great skill sets, looking beyond qualification and work history, companies have shifted their focus from hiring people to hire mindset and personality. In the middle of countless job seeker profiles, finding a perfect fit for your company is quite tough.

While many resources can be utilized to get the desired talent for your company such as social media where you can post a job alert ad on leading professional websites like LinkedIn. The first step to initiate it by creating a job alert post adding job descriptions and important details regarding the job aspect.

●       LinkedIn Job Alert:

After creating Job alert posts the main focus is to create awareness about it and LinkedIn has already sorted it all for you. You can go from adding a requirement experience, type of job and some directs links can also be included.

LinkedIn Jobs precisely positioned to connect potential candidates with recruiters. You can easily rely on LinkedIn to target your desired audience and reaching out to potential candidates.

Some of the simple and effective utilization of your companies page can be:

●       Posting via company’s official page :

it’s an effective way to promote a job opening by using your companies official page and update the status over there so the candidates get a clear idea about the job opening and availability of the vacancy.

●       Sharing job alert in Job Seekers or corporate group:

Another effective way is asking your teammates and fellow hiring managers to share a status update about the job opening on their page, or repost the company’s status update to create better visibility and attention from the targeted audience i.e. potential candidate.

The employers can also reach out to teammates and ask for the reference or suggestion. You can also advertise your open roles and ask your employees to share them in their network.

●       Add a CTA in every post:

It will surely ensure the maximum reach and define the broad mindset of the company. for example, you can ask the candidate to discuss the job and its responsibility on one on one call, your current open roles, and get to know each other better, another thing you can do is adding lines in your post like tag someone who should apply for the role or someone who is currently looking for the exact position.

●       Create an on-point job description

It defines a lot, it’s usually the first thing a job seeker noticed about the company and it should definitely represent the companies taste and choices.

While attracting potential candidates your job description should be crisp and crystal clear. Here we include some useful tips that you can apply to write an effective job description.

Tips to write the job description:

●       Make it clear at the first instant that it’s a job ad.

●       Use bullet points to keep your post short and clear read.

●       Only add important information.

●       Give your ad a touch of your company culture.

It’s a point to remember that the job description should sound a certain level of interest in the mind of a job seeker.

●       Add Relevant Hashtags:

It’s a must to use relevant hashtags while writing ads for the job, creating a campaign, and getting noticed quickly. The job seekers nowadays usually search by specific keywords such as if a person is seeking a job opportunity in the HR field, He/ She will simply type HR Jobs and Google will search and optimize all over the internet to get the maximum and most relevant results possible.

Use it wisely to get the best possible reach in the shortest duration of time.

So these were some effective ways to promote or boost jobs on your LinkedIn company page. In case if you are looking for productive and skilled candidates, then you can contact AIM Multiskills, one of the top recruitment consultants in NCR. They have helped many organizations in finding perfect team and have more than 15 years of experience in this field of work.