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AIM Feb 01, 2021

How To Define Your Company's Core Values?

It’s a breaking or making point for any employer to define its company’s core values. It’s the first impression for the new employees and the reputation building element for the company in front of the world. The leading companies from Amazon to Netflix have already defined their core values and it’s quite helpful when it comes to creating a frame decision.


●       So What’s Core Value?

Value can be defined as a belief that guides you, to choose and takes action; a fundamental that conveys what is right and what is wrong”.

And here core indicates the “internal functioning” and the closest word that can be used to describe core value can be “Mindset”, and like mindset, it helps us to make further decisions and choose between many things. The core value will define the work ethics and professionalism of the company and the people working for it and affects every decision making for the company’s better growth and expansion.

To build values-based processes, an employer needs to determine what, exactly, the companies core values are.

Example of core values are:

Here are examples from 3 top-recognized employers:


●       Practical approaches

●       Straight-forwardness

●       “One-team” Attitude

●       Passion for work


●       Creativity

●       Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously

●       Opportunity seeker

●       Spontaneous

●       Curious


Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M.)

●       Trending

●       Globalized

●       Utilizing everything (you can see that in their logo’s acronym)

●       Honest Opinion and Judgements


It’s basically providing a work frame and acceptable behavior that define the longevity in the company.

●       How Values Shape Culture:

The well-defined core values can be helpful in various kind of organizational decision such as hiring or dismissing the right employees, navigate through the crises, staying accountable to commitments, and securing high-value customers

If we consider the business as a decision-making device, then culture plays an important role in establishing the relationship between decisions and what happens as a result. That’s why the core values deserve a central place in how your organization works.

As it will conclude all the belief work ethics and functionality of an organization and a Hiring Manager should be able to apply these qualities while considering a candidate for a particular job role.

●       Strategic Planning:

It sounds like a lot of pressure. when you have to define something so important and fundamental. The core value of the company should be able to define certain elements clearly while stating an impactful and clear view. A strategic planning must include the following,

●       Goals

●       Mission

●       Strategy

●       Organizational Structure

In terms of long terms goals like business expansion plans, and the future of their customer-oriented servicing.

It’s all based on the type of work culture defined by the employers and employees, by understanding it you can easily create an original and authentic approach for your company.

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