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AIM Jan 29, 2021

Ways to keep the candidates interested if the hiring process is slow.

It's a tough task to get genuine talent for your company, in an endless ocean of job-seekers, to get the employees who are career-oriented and look beyond the salary and bonus things and work towards the growth of the company and when you find this kind of talented candidates

It becomes a necessity for employers and hiring managers and their team to keep the potential candidates engaged and interested. For this, there are unlimited sources to stay connected with potential candidates and keep them interested in your company’s offered job.

Here we mentioned some tricks & techniques you can apply to keep your potential candidates interested during the long hiring process.

●       Respond to Emails Quickly:

Communication is the key and foundation of creating a healthy professional relationship and the new age technology make it all a click away, Being quick to respond to candidates email will not only create a sense of satisfaction among them but also helps employers to shape a solid and ideal reputation of the company among their candidates, potential clients, and customers.

While replying to their email, regarding the recruitment process, always use a tone that shows concern about them and appreciate them for their curiosity and offer them the support they need for success.

In In this digital world, most people expect a solid response within a few hours after sending the email or within the next 24 hours.

Responding slower will cause candidates to lack interest in your company.

●       Stay Connected

Being active on social media is easier than before, like Gmail, LinkedIn and Quora, these types of websites can not only enable you to stay in touch with your target audience but also create a lifelong impression and help in business development too. It’s also important to maintain good connections with the candidates, any candidate will appreciate a quick response and updates regarding the process, it's recommended to stay connected with talented candidates every week via email and stay active on social media.

Try to stay connected even if you don't have any updates regarding the process, as staying disconnected or unresponsive will lead to making them assure you’re not interested in hiring them.

You can invite local candidates for a mini-workshop session to learn more about the company's culture, allowing the candidates to meet the team members and learn better about the workplace environment and how to build a professional relationship within the company.

●       Share Useful Content:

It's a good way to keep the candidates engaged longer and create a healthy relationship with them during the lengthy recruitment process. It will also help the employers to create a talent pool for various roles as well as define the standard of content your company likes to consume and circulate amongst their network. Sharing valuable content like a Youtube video, a similar interest article or a podcast can help in enhancing your company’s reputation.

There are many value contents that you can utilize such as interview tips, your company's latest blog, and articles, industry events and management, or some quick insight into your company’s culture. It defines a lot automatically, like your workplace culture and the type of preferred employer.

●       Multi-Level Hiring Process:

It's crucial to hire the right talent with few interview sessions and resume based experience to get the right employee, develop a well defined and secure interview process that serves equally to the candidates.

The multi-tier recruitment process may sound lengthy and irrelevant or unnecessary, but for employers point of view, it's essential to add value to a company’s growth rather than hiring people temporarily.

The slow or delayed hiring process can cause candidates to lose their interest in a job, chances are they will get a better job offer and leave it all just because of your delayed reply or no response.

 You can create some ways that can keep the candidate engaged, such as a 30-minute job training, an aptitude test, or a short telephonic interview, for the initial stage of the hiring process. It will also help you while taking the final decision of hiring.

While arranging the following rounds of the interview, it's recommended to schedule it within the next one or two weeks. Along with paperwork and salary negotiation ready for better convenience.

●       One-Stop Solution:

An experienced and highly reputed recruitment such as Aim Multiskills, one of the top recruitment consultants in NCR will help you with all the hiring-related services, from finding the right talent according to the job role required to get it all done as quickly as possible. So, connect with them and get the best talent for your organization anytime.