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AIM Jan 05, 2021

5 Ways To Make WFH Fun & Productive

The impact of pandemic will be going to stay for a few more years. However, the shifting of office work to Working from home will be going to remain unchanged explained by the experts. A great challenge everyone is facing currently you may have different environment surrounding and now you're isolated in living with mostly family and friends partners pets and children too. In this current scenario of increasing Working From Home (WFH) keeping yourself motivated, active, and dedicated towards your work is important, here we summarize checklist points to make sure your WFH will be easy, efficient, and fun to it's fullest!


●       Make Plans A Day/ Week Prior:

Even ironing your clothes 1 night before normal days keep you motivated, now imagine a whole day ahead! Sounds surreal but you can do this.

Try Scheduling it at night, prioritize like a pro, and book slots for your lunch and tea breaks. To make it easier you can check your emails at night and plan your tasks accordingly. Some many tricks and hacks are available on the internet that can help you with this.


●       Meditate At Home & Eat Healthily:

Start your morning with some easy to make green tea and light breakfast, and enjoy the fresh homemade meals, its a good opportunity for people who are addicted to coffee and willing to quit it. Start with a healthy and balanced diet and add some meditation and yoga.

You can try to meditate twice per day for 10 minutes per session, before and after your work it will help you focus better and calm your mind from excessive thinking.


●       Create / Find A Nice Corner For Work:

A desk is considered ideal for working at home and in the office too but make sure it’s away from all the distractions and especially your TV set. If you can have access to sunlight go for that corner. The sunlight affects humans positively, It will keep you active and motivated throughout the day. Treat this workspace like your office and make it your own also when you are finished with the work for the day, It’s recommended to pack up each evening as you would do usually in an office.

Following this routine will keep you focused and more alert while keeping your mind at peace and organized.


●       Organize Your Working Essentials Well:

To create a work-desk space environment, it highly recommends creating a well-organized workstation. You can use the various section of your apartment or flat for completing the various tasks, such as if you have a balcony you can use it to sit & relax have a cup of tea and some biscuits in the early morning or the bedroom where you can send the daily report from the ease of your bed and such other things, by this you can break-up your working style too.

Also, it’s advisable to choose a kitchen table and living room spaces for working rather than bedrooms as they can take your motivation away.


●       Spend Quality With Family:

The time that was saved from travelling to the office and back home can be spent with family and friends, you can have lunch together or a small evening walk after the work was done. It will refresh your mood too plus you can spend quality moments with family. You can also watch a movie together or cook dinner, watch a sunset, try painting, or just spend time doing probably nothing.

It will benefit your brain activity and keep your mood fresh too.


To keep the office normality intact, try to communicate over informal chat groups by simply asking about each other’s meals, how are they doing, and is there anything they need help with. It will help everyone to keep things going as normal as possible.


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