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AIM Dec 10, 2020

5 Reasons you need to diversify your hiring process

Change is a continuous process and very thing evolved for a better result with time. Same applies to the hiring process too. Recently we observed many changes in this process to improve efficiency. But have you ever heard about diversity hiring? This is the trending term in the recruitment sector nowadays and people are planning ways to implement it. As its getting a tick from numerous HR recruiters, let’s know more about this term and why people can inclining towards this approach.

So everything started on a large scale when there were facts suggesting it as a promise to improve profitability of an organization. For instance, there was a report named “Delivering Through Diversity” prepared by McKinsey (management consulting firm). According to this report, balance of gender diversity in an organization at executive level improves the chances of above average profitability by 21%. Moreover, ethnic diversity can enhance the chances of above-average profitability by 33%. So Diversity hiring on different parameters is helpful.

So let’s find more reason to diversify the hiring process

·         Increment in workforce’s skills & experience

If you have diversity in your team, then there is a high chance that your team will be able to understand the expectations of the client with different backgrounds and levels of expertise easily. Moreover, people tune well with people who have a similarity in terms of gender, community, and many more. So closing the deal and delivering the best becomes easy with diversified team..

·         It is a positive element about the brand

Recently a well-known Indian telecom organization faced criticism from people due to a rumor of firing an employee the basis of his religion. It resulted in a huge loss of the organization too. On the other hand, brands who have a diversified team with equal opportunities for all gains respect in the market and society . And thus diversified hiring improves goodwill.

·         Encourages creativity and innovative ideas

When you work with people of different backgrounds and experience, then there is a chance to come up with various new ideas on working styles and other stuff. Also the workplace’s culture becomes more vibrant and full of energy.

·         More moments to smile and be productive

When there is an implementation of unity in diversity ( unity- as people are working for some common organisational goals), then there are more moments of celebration. One gets the chance to understand much more about the other culture. This creates some positive vibes at the workplace as people have various opportunities to celebrate different festivals. And when people are happy, then they are more productive which is a good signal for the business.

·         Expands your talent pool

When a business implements diversified hiring, then they expand their talent pool on different grounds which makes dealing with different challenges off the organization a much easier task.

So these were top reasons why everyone is talking about diversifying the hiring process. It can be concluded that it is a good step and every employer should think about it. If you are looking for some brilliant candidates (with different levels of experience) for your team, then you can contact AIM Multiskills, one of the top recruitment companies in NCR. So contact them today to get pre-assessed candidates who matches well according to your expectations.