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AIM Sep 29, 2020

An Effective Recruitment Process In 5 Steps

It is rightly said that the success of a company depends on the employees of the employees that they hire is actually true. A company needs to recruit potential candidates who will be perfect for the job and can increase efficiency. The complicated part is the recruitment because there can be a huge list of potential candidates and it is not possible to just look at someone and determine if they are good for the job or not.

An effective recruitment plan is needed to attract the best talent and to minimize the costs of the recruitment process.


5 steps of an effective recruitment process -


●         Planning -

This is the first step of the recruitment process and you should look at how many job vacancies can you create. You should determine how many people will be required to finish the required job and to fill those vacancies you have to calculate the payment that you have to give all of them. You can receive a lot of applications for the vacancies and from those applications, you will find uninterested, unqualified, overqualified people. To fill the vacancies with a qualified and efficient workforce you have to determine the number of applicants that you can take in.


●         Strategy Development -

Now that you have the applications you have to develop a strategy. You can either use a software application to filter out the applications or you can decide to invest in the workforce and give them proper training so that they can be an asset to the company later.


●         Shortlisting the applications -

This is where most of the applications are filtered out and it is important to be very careful while shortlisting the applications because you can reject a very promising application if you don't go through all the information. You can use technological sophistication and selection devices to find the better off candidates and move them forward to the screening phase.


●         Screening -

Screening is one of the most important phases of the recruitment process because you will now get a close look at all the shortlisted applications. The shortlisted candidates can go through a series of interviews like telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and then a detailed test of their knowledge and skills.


●         Evaluation -

The recruitment process doesn't end with a screening. It is important to evaluate the workforce and measure its efficiency. Most companies skip this part but evaluating the workforce will help in gaining insights on where they can do better in the recruitment process next time.


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