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AIM Nov 20, 2020

Shaping The Recruitment In 2020

Change is a continuous process and plays a key role in development. Same applies with the recruitment process and due to COVID, there are a lot more things that have been shaped up. The regular old school way of holding screening & interview to hire an employee is passé. Let’s discuss the top trends and priorities of the employer that have truly changed the hiring process. Let’s dig deeper to understand this evolution.


  1. Employer branding to attract more candidates

Earlier employers were only concerned about the potential employee, but now they understand that the suitable candidates will only be interested in the organization it has some good reviews. Many of the candidates do check the reviews and work culture through a digital platform to know more about the organization. If they find negative feedback about the organization, then there is a high chance that they will not work with that organization.

Hence, the goodwill of the organization plays an important role. To prevent the struggle of attracting the right candidates due to bad reputation, transparency about the employer’s brand with the organization’s vision and core values should be conveyed in a positive & cheerful note while aligning values with the needs of the organization. This will help in creating a crystal clear image of the company for the candidate, more employee satisfaction, and enhanced reputation.


2.     Improved hiring quality with multiple types of assessment

Earlier, employers used to manually check the application and screen the skills personally and then screening the shortlisted ones personally. But now technology is leveraged to assess new candidates. Now recruiters don’t shortlist the candidates manually, rather they use technology to filter the CV based on mentioned skills. Moreover, screening is performed through digital mode via an online written exam, telephonic mode, etc. So, the candidates are filtered based on defined metrics


3.     Change in work culture with work from home

Till the last decade, employers observed stress on employee engagement whereas at present this trend is shifting to employee experience. Organizations are prioritizing work culture over the pay to meet the loose ends of employees’ expectations. Even according to a recent Glassdoor survey, the majority of people prefer a better culture than pay.

But as there is an increment in the remote workers, maintaining a firm work culture has emerged as the biggest challenge. Therefore employers are putting more efforts into reuniting the employees around the core values, vision, and mission of the organization. The prime focus is on the team cohesion and hence candidates are shortlisted according to their vision and know-how to make the best use of technology to make the work done so that 100% productivity can be expected while working from home.


4.     Hiring people with acquired knowledge

As the employee is the most valuable asset of the organization, employers are paying more time & money to find perfect candidates. People who have attained any skill or knowledge relevant to the vacancy are hired. Moreover, soft skills have become a must in required skills, regardless of the job role. So one should get hands-on their required skills with good communication & other interpersonal skills to grab a job at your dream organization.


5.     Remote work with flexible schedules

Due to pandemic, the things have changed and now various organizations are operating completely on remote workers. With work from home policies, employers are adapting the work aspirations of their employees and increasing the talent pool as they have the chance to access global talent without geographical boundaries. So people who are expected to have good knowledge of technology that can help them to connect with their virtual offices.

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