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AIM Oct 12, 2020

The Recruiting Challenges To Deal In 2020

Many times it happens that your business might not be able to get a good deal. The best part is that this particular problem is linked to all the other problems in your business. Good deals not only add value to your organization but later become good asset for your company. Recruitment teams face a lot of problems like this on a daily basis and you should know that by right recruitment your company can achieve a lot of success.

Recruitment is tough and there are many challenges to deal in 2020 as Gen Z is entering the workforce. This year the war of talent has intensified. Don’t worry, we mentioned some reasons why this year recruitment is difficult and what can your company do about it.

Let’s take a look at the recruiting challenges to deal in 2020:

Dearth of qualified applicants:

Problem: With advanced jobs requiring dynamic skills, it is becoming challenging for recruiters to find the right candidate in the market.

Solution: to solve this problem companies can expand their database and connect with resourceful network like career pages, referrals, Top Job Consultancy in NCR, emails, job boards and many more. First round of interview can be taken by the chatbots for automatic screening.

Attracting right talent:

Problem: Attracting the best applicant for your job begins posting right job description. Many organizations do not post full job description and thus end up in find the right talent.

Solution: Tech- based job description assistants are required so that real time feedback can be given on the job description which is more relevant and detailed.

Traditional screening of candidates

Problem: Since many companies do it manually, the process becomes too long and they rarely get quality candidates. It also happens because recruiter does not know that what the hiring manager’s requirements are.

 Solution: The best solution to this is hiring job consultancy like AIM Multiskills Jobs. The company is an expert in doing this job and will help in finding the right candidate and talent for you. This will be beneficial for both the companies and the applicants. They can present themselves in the right way.

Emphasis on candidate experience

Problem: The applications are very long drawn which turn out to be quite bad.

Solution: Recruitment companies focus on candidate experience while recruiting which is the more important. Organizations can also make their career applications and pages crisp and smarter.

Workplace diversity

Problem: There are 2 problems in workplace density while recruiting. Firstly, employees should be of different regions, races, communities and gender. Secondly, it should be assured by the company that there is no bias at the time of recruitment.

Solution: Recruiting companies can use screening platforms as they will be helpful in encrypting the candidates’ personal information so that there won’t be any bias. This will also include diversity in the workplace.

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