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AIM Oct 20, 2020

Top 5 trends that have shaped recruitment in 2020

The recruitment and hiring process has changed too much in 2020. The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a new type of thinking while hiring new employees. Many other factors are also there which are responsible for these changes in hiring trends. In this post, we will discuss the Top 5 trends that have shaped recruitment in 2020. These trends are as follows.


1.     Increased focus on the culture of the company

 In the new decade, employees and employers both will prioritize to match with company culture properly. Before 2020, many employees and employers prioritize salary only. But from the last few years, employees and employers are thinking of a long-term relationship. Hence, giving importance to the company's culture and matching with employees according to the culture have become a prime focus.


2.     Using technology to find the best match

Various technologies have enabled to analyze a candidate's education, experience, and network.

These technologies are playing a significant role in hiring in the last few years. From this decade, recorders will use these technologies more and more to find the best quality candidates. By using these technologies, the recruitment process will be faster, and hiring accuracy will also be improved.


3.      Tendency to work remotely and hire remote employees

As an effect of the covid-19 pandemic, the tendency of working remotely will increase a lot.

Hence, the recruiter will also hire employees who will work solely in remote areas. It will increase the flexibility of schedule and reduce the cost of operations. For this reason, hiring virtual networks of employees and the use of virtual reality in the work environment will increase.


4.      Hiring potential candidates from social media and social networking websites

Recruiters know that the use of social media and networking websites has increased too much. Hence they can find the right candidates with on-the-go interactions. Recruiters also can find more applications through hashtags and eye-catching promotion ads. The social networking sites have enough user data to serve those ads to the right candidates. For this reason, hiring through social media will be a new trend from 2020.


5.      Improving the quality of hire

As mentioned above, the recruiters can collect all the needed user data using technologies and social media websites. New AI models will be launched soon to provide deep insights into a candidate.

Hence with a redefined matrix, recruiters will improve their quality of hire. It is expected that the use of HR software and other screening technologies will play a significant role in hiring from the decade, and manual checking will be old-fashioned in the next few years.


The changes mentioned above will help recruiters to find appropriate candidates with fewer efforts and improved accuracy. You can contact AIM Multiskills  to find candidates that match the culture and needs of your company. Over the past 15 years, we adapt quickly to the changes to improve us. We have already started to bring the changes in the hiring trends mentioned above and made ourselves the best recruitment consultants in Delhi.