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AIM Oct 19, 2020

Top recruitment mistakes that lead to time and money wastage

Hiring mistakes cases waste of time and money for any organization. Moreover, it affects the morale of a company also. Attracting the right talent through a refined recruiting and hiring process is the pivotal point for the success of any company. For this reason, a company must avoid top recruitment mistakes that lead to time and money wastage. These mistakes are as follows.

Believing too much in the resume

Problem: Many recruitment agencies make decisions based on CVs. But many times, candidates are not the same as they try to represent in their CVs i.e. resumes aren't precisely correct.

Solution: A company should give value to CVs but also take skills-based performance tests. Any company should care about what a candidate can do and not on how the candidate presents him/her.

Inadequate preparation for the interview

Problem: Many times, recruitment agencies don't know exactly what kind of questions to ask to find appropriate candidates for job positions. The requirement for knowledge, skill set and outlook is different for every kind of job position. Asking common questions for every time can lead to hiring a wrong candidate.

Solution: Every human resource department needs to systematize and prepare itself before conducting an interview. Make a discussion with higher-level management what kind of skills and attitude levels are needed prior to conducting an interview.

Prioritizing only the outcome of an interview

Problem: Even after taking all the right decisions, a few results are going to bad if all decisions are taken based on the interview. Rejecting a candidate based on only interview performance can cause a loss of good talent. Moreover, it is also possible that a candidate who is a great presenter can't handle practical situations well enough sometimes.

Solution: The interviewer should also prioritize the experience and an impressive amount of education of the candidate. The candidate should be given enough opportunity to show his skills and knowledge in an interview. This will ensure that if a candidate has all the needed traits for a particular job position or not.

Selecting with unconscious bias

Problem: Some unconscious biases either lead to wrong candidate choices or the missing of a talented person. An Example of these unconscious biases is over-qualified persons will leave a company soon. These unconscious biases may or may not come true.

Solution: While hiring, rational thinking is needed. An Interviewer should engage in open communication with every candidate and the interviewer should have enough experience to understand the need of both the candidate and the organization. A recruitment agency should screen a candidate’s personal information properly to avert such biases.

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